Update and new pics coming soon!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying the first part of 2015 so far! I’m loving the longer days and smell of spring flowers in the air!! I’ve been working on a couple different things, from new photos to new projects!

I shot some new photos with Violeta Meyners, (who’s awesome, you can check her out here: www.VioletaMeyners.com) and those photos (plus some other fun ones from recent events) will be added to a slightly new website design coming soon!

I’ve also been working on some original material for my YouTube Channel…some friends and I are in the process of writing/shooting/editing it all so I’ll be posting that soon too! Below is a pic from a sketch coming soon 😉

I’ll be back soon with some more updates/photos!







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  • Alex mcginley

    Hi Kimberly Im a huge halloween town fan and I watch it ever halloween when It comes on the Disney channel and you were absolutetly wonderfull as marnie piper In the films and i still watch it and I just wanted to say Thanks for the wonderfull movies you made on disney channel all my love to you Alex from the uk

  • Alex mcginley

    Hi Kimberly I hope you like my message which I have sent you and can you please send me a reply please Kimberly love Alex xxxx

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