“Poppins Pumpkin Patch Parade” Book Available for Order Now!

I’m so excited to announce that the Halloween children’s book that I co-authored is on sale now!

This book has been such a labor of love, it’s called “Poppins Pumpkin Patch Parade” and I’m thrilled that it’s finally available for you all to see!

It’s about “Pumpky” Pumpkin and her twin hay bale buddies,”Huh & Hay,” who along with “Houdini” Zucchini and the friendly animals, solve a mystery to save the Halloween parade for Prince and Princess Poppin.

Find out more about it in the link below, including how to get your autographed copy! *Free shipping available now for early orders!


cover final


I would love to hear what you think about the book! Happy (early) Halloween!


đŸ™‚ KJB

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