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Hey guys!

When I’m not working, one of my favorite hobbies is painting and doing crafts. I thought it might be fun (and give me a good excuse to paint/craft) if I put some projects up on Etsy. I started with some fun signs w/quotes from Halloweentown that most often get quoted to me on social media or in person. There are wood signs and canvas signs, and they come in whatever color you want! Each sign comes with a note from me on the back and a signed photo! My friend and I will be adding some more fun stuff soon.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 7.58.43 PM


Or, if you have an idea for something you want painted, let me know! 



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  • Jesse

    Watching halloweentown with my daughter and reliving old mems from when I watched it as a kiddo!! Thought I’d google you and see what became, and was pleasantly surprised to see you’re doing alright! Thanks for the wholesome fun!

  • Riley Randel

    I love you sooo much. You’re an amazing actress and these are sooo cute!!

  • Ashley Byrd

    I’m so excited to find your shop I am 31 and still am like a little kids when I watch Halloween town I can’t wait to order your shirts and pantings I do have a idea for a shirt I would like done could you contact me

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