“Free Fall” by Mark Nepo

Hey everyone!

You know when I’m inspired by something, I love to share it-so here’s a simple, truthful, amazing poem I heard over the weekend. I’m a big fan of Mark Nepo (I’ve spoken about him on my blog before). I was really moved by this poem, so I hope by posting it on here you guys will enjoy it like I did-just a little reminder that we are all blessed. 🙂 KJB

“Freefall” by Mark Nepo

If you have one hour of air
and many hours to go,
you must breathe slowly.

If you have one arm’s length
and many things to care for,
you must give freely.

If you have one chance to know God
and many doubts, you must
set your heart on fire.

We are blessed.

Every day is a chance.
We have two arms
Fear wastes air.


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