“Spirit of Halloweentown” Cast Reunion 2017

  I really love the town of St. Helens, Oregon. We filmed the first “Halloweentown” movie there and ever since then, in the fall, the town recreates the Town Square in honor of [...]


Watch me Guest Star on “Mondays”

  Check out my latest project! I guest star on an episode of “MONDAYS” w/Kelsey Bascom. Kelsey has a dream about talking to her older self (played by me) and tries to dig up some [...]


“Poppins Pumpkin Patch Parade” Book Available for Order Now!

I’m so excited to announce that the Halloween children’s book that I co-authored is on sale now! This book has been such a labor of love, it’s called “Poppins Pumpkin [...]


2016 “Spirit of Halloweentown” Appearance

I’m so excited to finally be able to announce that I’m returning to St. Helens, Oregon this year to kick off the 2016 “Spirit of Halloweentown” festivities! Every year, St. Helens (the city where [...]


Disney Channel’s 100th Movie Celebration

Hey guys, A couple of weeks ago Disney Channel released their 100th Original Movie (DCOM) and had a premiere party to celebrate! They screened the 100th movie “Adventures in [...]


Welcome to my new Website!!

Hey Everyone!   Welcome to my new website and blog! I’m so excited to finally be able to show it to you guys. Special thanks to Adam Graniss at Rock Child Designs for all of his hard [...]


“Halloweentown” Appearance Recap

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone that came to the Spirit of Halloweentown pumpkin lighting in St. Helens, OR this past weekend. It was not only surreal to be back in [...]


New Original Comedy Sketch

Hey Everybody! A new video on my YouTube Channel is up! Some friends from my days at Second City (where we were all in the SC Improv Conservatory) and I have been working on some original comedy [...]


Update and new pics coming soon!

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the first part of 2015 so far! I’m loving the longer days and smell of spring flowers in the air!! I’ve been working on a couple different [...]


New Store on Etsy!

Hey guys! When I’m not working, one of my favorite hobbies is painting and doing crafts. I thought it might be fun (and give me a good excuse to paint/craft) if I put some projects up on [...]

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